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The philosophy of Contributionism was founded by Michael Tellinger in Johannesburg, South Africa in the year of 2005, when he started to promote the idea of a “world without money”.

This idea came to Michael through his research into the origins of humankind and ancient human history – when he realized that the origins of money on our planet did not evolve out of thousands of years of barter and trade as we have been told, but that there was a very specific time, which is well described in the Sumerian clay tablets, when money was introduced as an absolute tool of enslavement over humanity, by the ancient royal political elite, whose bloodline descendants continue to use money as a tool of enslavement over the people today.
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Michael Tellinger

UBUNTU Liberation Movement

Five years later, the UBUNTU Liberation Movement was born out of this simple idea and started inspiring people all over the world, filling them with hope for the future and giving millions the confidence that there is a way out of the human misery and enslavement of humanity by the global royal-political and banking elite.

The UBUNTU Party was formed in 2010 in Waterval Boven, South Africa as a political front to raise its credibility among the general population; to reach more people through the mainstream media, and to serve as a platform of protection against possible legal action by the governing elite.


The UBUNTU Party

The UBUNTU Party participated in the Michael Tellinger during South African elections South African elections on 7 May 2014. Although we did not get a seat in parliament, we achieved what we had intended to do – to plant a seed of consciousness in the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands South Africans, supported by many more millions around the world.

Our actions have inspired like-minded people in many other countries to do the same and start UBUNTU Parties to contest future elections with the UBUNTU Manifesto and philosophy of Contributionism – which are all downloadable on the UBUNTU Planet website.


The philosophy of Contributionism

The philosophy of Contributionism is well defined in dozens of articles, documents and our manifesto but the foundation of the movement is the book UBUNTU Contributionism – A Blueprint For Human Prosperity, which was crafted by Michael Tellinger over the period of one decade from 2005 to 2014. The people behind the UBUNTU Liberation Movement and the philosophy of Contributionism are not politicians or corporations with profit or control in mind.

We are a growing group of HUMANS from all walks of life who consist of mothers, fathers, scientists, teachers, doctors, inventors, housewives, old and young, and many other ordinary people who care about other humans. We have taken these steps to share our knowledge with everyone in the belief that it will help us move towards unity and abundance for all.